Homes built before the 1990s are more likely to contain asbestos containing materials (ACMs). This is because asbestos was commonly used in construction materials such as fibro sheeting, roofing, insulation, and pipes until the 1980s when its dangers became widely recognized, leading to its banning in 2003.
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Asbestos in homes poses a significant health risk if not handled properly during demolition or renovations. Understanding the risks, identifying ACMs, and engaging licensed professionals for safe removal are paramount to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all involved.
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A clearance certificate is an official document provided by your Demolition contractor or a licensed professional that ensures that the property has undergone necessary inspections, procedures, or remediation to guarantee that the area is free from asbestos or hazardous materials after proper removal procedures have been carried out. This document is crucial as it validates compliance with safety regulations, ensuring a safe environment for future occupants or construction activities. Once and only once this document is provided your builder is able to start the process of your home build safely.