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In the vibrant landscape of Sydney’s Demolition and redevelopment, one name stands out for its unwavering commitment to precision, safety, and Client Satisfaction. Site Demolition Australia. Renowned as the pinnacle of excellence in the demolition industry, Site Demolition has earned its stripes as the go-to choice for discerning clients seeking top-tier demolition services in Sydney.

As a family owned and run company Site Demolition prides itself on transparent communication and a client-centric ethos. We Strive to engage in open dialogue with clients, ensuring clarity on project timelines, costs, and expectations. This transparent approach fosters trust and collaboration, making the demolition process a seamless experience for clients.

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Home demolition follows a systematic approach, from property assessment to obtaining permits, utility disconnection, controlled structure dismantling, debris removal, and site preparation.

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Pre-1990s homes may contain asbestos, posing health risks. SITE DEMOLITION prioritises safety without excessive fees. Ensure a safe environment with our expertise. Obtain a clearance certificate for safe construction initiation.

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Remediation addresses environmental damage from industrial activities, accidents, or disasters. Soil testing, treatment, and specialised expertise are crucial. Site Demolition ensures efficient, effective handling.

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Sincerely thank you to Site Demolition for completing our demolition work professionally and efficiently. George / Rhonda / Barbara have all been professional and supportive throughout the demolition process from day 1 until job done. Clear quotation and prompt reply, no hidden cost. They communicated and explained site issues and offered options to get thing done in timely manner and do things in the right way.
Yew Chong
2 weeks ago
What an amazing team!! Highly recommend Site Demolition. Contacted them to book in, discussed our urgency and they fit us in within the week. They were on site bright and early on the first scheduled day and were there every day even when the rain started. Our demo wasn't shy of a bit of surprise asbestos and pierings however they contacted us straight away to discuss and let us know the game plan. These surprises didn't hinder the progress and Site Demolition had the site cleared and ready for building works within 5 working days. The site was left clean and levelled, who knew a block of dirt could look so good :) Thanks to the team for making this stage of our build so easy.
Kristen H
1 month ago
We've hired Site Demolition for our knockdown, their team made every step thru the process easy and transparent, all questions were answered almost instantly via emails. Knockdown was carried out professionally, fencing between neighbours are all unharmed. Highly recommend Site Demolition, great service from first contact to completion!
I-Ling Hsieh
5 months ago
Site Demolition was our preferred choice for our KDR and they have done an amazing job, demolition completed within 10 days as advised, site left in great condition. They are very knowledgeable, friendly and upfront about all charges, responsive to queries and their office and on-site team are the ultimate professionals. Highly recommend Site Demolition.
k l
5 months ago
Thank you so much to Rhonda, George, Marae, Barbara and the rest of the Site Demolition team! They did a great job answering all of our queries and were honest with their pricing. No surprice from the quote and job is well managed and complete on time. When we need help after the job is completed, Rhonda offered to help us in a very quick manner and solved the issue for us. We strongly recommend Site Demolition to anyone thinking about demolition works. Thanks Site Demolition!
Penny F
6 months ago
Site demo has been very accommodating and responsive during the whole process. Marae, Rhonda and Barbara have answered all my questions from abolishing gas to disconnect NBN. They demolished the site during the wettest month and found some concealed asbestos and still cleared and levelled the site in 12 business days. Considering the rain and the concealed asbestos, it was very reasonable.
Jessica Poon
10 months ago