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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Do I need a demolition approval for my property?

Yes, Demolition Approval will be required from a Private Certifier or your local Council to demolish any structure or property. You have the option of going through a Private Certifier which is what most of Site Demolition’s clients opt for. Please call our friendly staff on 9633 1747 to discuss further and the team will provide step by step help with the application process.

Q.How long does the approval take?

Private Certifier will take up to 21 working days, for the approval and 7 days for the notification process. Alternatively, if you opt to go through your local council to obtain approval, the process can take several months.

Q.Is there an application fee?

Yes an application fee will apply for the Private Certifier, however we can offer a special price for Site Demolition clients. The certifier usually does not require a bond, however if you go through council, their prices may vary and a refundable bond is usually required and can vary between $2,000-$5,000.

Q.Should I go with the cheapest quote for demolition?

We understand other companies may be quoting cheaper in these tough times however they are often enticing you with a cheaper quote, only to find a big variation during the demolition process. It is encouraged that you research the company that you are going through and read product reviews. We often find that Site Demolition is asked to take over the site at a later stage as we are the preferred demolisher for many builders in Sydney. Site Demolition has been the preferred demolition company for the last 7 years. When Site Demolition quotes your site, we will visit the property and measure your site for the size and description of the materials. We always aim to provide you with a realistic, honest and competitive quote. Please note our quotes are all above board and there is NO HIDDEN AGENDA to try and find a variation, once we start the demolition. Our terms and conditions are attached (nothing to hide). The quote is itemised with everything included.

Q.Authorities are increasingly focused on the enforcement of Health & Safety and Environmental issues. Do you comply with these regulations?

Yes, Local Councils and WorkCover are vigorously enforcing Environmental Protection and Occupational Health & Safety Regulations. Some Councils and even Builders are now asking for Hygienist Reports or Clearance Certificates to guarantee no hazardous materials are on the site. Site Demolition Pty Ltd endorses the need for such regulation. We can organize a report for you if required. Compliance with the regulations is both sensible and important. It helps to protect customers from inexperienced operators who may ignore these obligations. We comply with Australian Standard 2601-2001 covering demolition, and AS 2436 covering noise.

Q.Surely a demolition can be done by anyone with a bobcat and a truck?

No it cannot, however, unfortunately people are around who may tell you otherwise. Always remember to ask for copies of insurances and licences before proceeding with the demolisher of your choice. Also match up names of the company with the insurances and licences, many companies have changed the company name multiple times and are extremely dodgy. We recommend you read reviews and ask for a builders recommendation. Non-professional practice often leads to attempts to save substantial tip fees by burying asbestos and other materials under the site. Be very careful of the cheap and nasty quotes you are provided. Your building site would then be a hazardous area and can cost you thousands to clear up. Your builder or Council will explain.

Q.What if something goes wrong? Am I protected?

Site Demolition Pty Ltd have Public Liability Insurance.

Q.Will my home end up at the tip, or will it be re-cycled?

Materials are re-cycled. The Environmental Control Plan we supply you with will give you details to where the materials are sent. Asbestos of course, is carefully removed and transported safely to an authorized EPA.

Q.A demolition site is a dangerous place, how do you protect it?

We install a 1.8m security fence to secure the site and place clear signs to warn people away. When the fence is installed, the site becomes the responsibility of the contractor. No unauthorized persons can enter.